for United Therapeutics

Lighting and digital installations for the award-winning Unisphere, one of the largest net-zero buildings on the East coast.

Each activation is designed to interpret the building's energy generation and usage in real-time. Working with Ewing-Cole Architects and Schneider Electric, we monitor and visualize the buildings solar generation against its cooling, heating, lighting, and plug-load systems -- surfacing current trends, history and statistics.

Designed and engineered at HUSH, with some awe-inspiring production and engineering talent. Built using TouchDesigner, Javascript/ES6 and Python. Deployed in Silver Spring, MD.

Covered by Fast Company, Curbed and FWA, among others.


Silver Spring, MD

Studio: HUSH

Client: United Therapeutics

Role: Technical Director; BMS/BACnet Simulation & Integration; API Development; Data Analysis, Modeling & Forecasting.