Technical director and software engineer focused on advanced problems in the construction of visual experiences and their supporting systems.

From Louisiana, based in New York. Studied architecture and transitioned into software, distributed systems and GPU's.

Have engineered technical solutions and interactive experiences for the most well-known brands. This includes delivering feature-film visual effects, deploying visualizations onto the largest boards in the world and decoding telemetry from satellites.

I remove question marks.

I specialize in research, tools, systems and graphics programming. From concept to production, deploy to client hand-off. I'm most knowledgeable in C++ and Python. I use the Cinder framework, among others.

Most recently, I was the Technical Director for HUSH, working alongside an incredible team.

Prior to that, I spent time at The Barbarian Group as a senior technology generalist and Look Effects as a pipeline technical director.

If you think I can be of use on your project, please reach out.

A unified network of 30+ hardware and software instances.

Worldwide deployment.


Menlo Park, CA; London; Singapore & Dublin

Studio: HUSH

The Light Forest

for Instagram

16 columns of light.

16 channels of audio.

32 touch-capacitive sensors.


San Francisco, CA

Studio: HUSH


for United Therapeutics

Award-winning, net-zero building.

Data analysis, modeling and simulation.

Solar generation and energy usage visualized in realtime.


Silver Spring, MD

Studio: HUSH

Deep City

for Google

Three integrated experiences.

One recorded data journey.


New York, NY

Studio: HUSH

The Giving Tree

for Chobani

Grand Central Station; Vanderbilt Hall.

21,812 interactions.

261,744 cups of yogurt donated.


New York, NY

Studio: HUSH

Generative data visualizations for Capital One's corporate headquarters.

Purpose-built Chromium+CEF browser.

Awe-inspiring resolutions.


McLean, VA

Studio: HUSH

for HUSH

Terrain data from the JPL Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) dataset.

Server-generated height-maps & client-side geometry.

Best. Stocking-stuffer. Ever.


Brooklyn, NY

Studio: HUSH


for Samsung

90 sq. ft. of digital storefront.

Realtime software integrated with pre-rendered content.

An interactive, attention-drawing billboard experience.


New York, NY

Studio: The Barbarian Group

NASA telemetry research & stream decoding.

Cloud API development for "Citizen Scientists"

Most rewarding project.


New York, NY

Studio: The Barbarian Group

Times Square "Androidify" takeover.

Digital-signage integration and remote camera-capture toolkit.

"Be Together. Not the same."


New York, NY

Studio: Google Creative Labs, Red Paper Heart & The Barbarian Group


for IBM

Game logic, physics and power-ups.

Physical hardware buttons &
Spout integration.

3 weeks.


Las Vegas, NV

Studio: The Barbarian Group

Times Square #SayItWithPepsi takeover.

15 brand-ambassador iPad's with custom event software.

OpenCV foreground extraction.


New York, NY

Studio: The Barbarian Group

The Anomaly

for Bell Labs

Immersion room for Nokia Bell Labs.

Celebrating their Nobel prize-winning history.

Visualizations for a unique switchable glass display surface.


Providence, NJ

Studio: The Guild & The Barbarian Group

"Noah", D. Aronofsky (2014)

"Moonrise Kingdom", W. Anderson (2012)


Brooklyn, NY

Studio: LookFX