ISEE-3: Telemetry Decoding & Cloud API Development

for Google

The ISEE-3, launched in 1978, chased comets and explored the inner solar system. In 2014, after 17yrs of silence as it passed around the Sun, radio contact was re-established.

Partnering with the ISEE-3 Reboot Project and Google Creative Lab, I was tasked with studying a 400+ page NASA mission manual from the early 70’s and engineering an infrastructure that could:

1) Consume live telemetry feeds from collaborating radio dishes

2) Research and decode the sub-commutated bitstream of engineering and science telemetry, designing suitable data models for storage

3) Design and engineer a publicly accessible API for "citizen scientists" to query the collected data.

Engineered at The Barbarian Group. Built using Python.


New York, NY

Studio: The Barbarian Group

Client: Google

Role: Research & Software Engineer