Global Partner Centers

for Facebook

A network of installations designed and engineered for four of Facebook's Partner Centers. An incredible deployment of thirty-plus installations worldwide, built on a unified hardware and software platform.

The Fountain

Find an emoji that represents you and fling one (or a hundred!) onto an ever-populating field from visitors past and present.

The Globe

An architectural focal-point, the Globe visualizes Facebook's worldwide reach across an impressive array of 5 x 86" 4K displays -- collectively creating a single 10K pixel-wide, 60Hz, touch-enabled canvas.

What's Your Story?

Learn how to create and personalize a story on a billboard-scale, 9-screen array. Technically, features dynamic high-speed loading of high-resolution assets as seen across Facebook's social properties.

The Spark

A stunning, suspended lighting fixture that visualizes how posts and stories spread throughout Facebook's social properties.

Behind The Scenes

The scale and sophistication of Facebook's computing infrastructure is complex. This immersive room explains it through physical elements, lights and spatialized sound.

Mobile Patterns

Reveal colorful textiles and patterns, unique to global regions, as you interact with this digital wall.

Facebook To Go

Posters are an important part of Facebook's internal identity. Make your own and have it emailed to yourself as a keepsake of your Partner Center experience.

Built To Change

Watch success stories featuring small to medium-sized businesses that have effectively leveraged the Facebook platform.


Remember your Partner Center experience with an Instagram-ready photo opportunity.

All installations concepted, designed and engineered at HUSH, with awe-inspiring production and engineering talent. Built using C++/Cinder, TouchDesigner, Javascript/ES6 and Python. Deployed worldwide.


Menlo Park, CA; London; Singapore & Dublin

Studio: HUSH

Client: Facebook

Role: Technical Director; Platform Engineer; Data Analysis & Integration

The Spark

The Globe, Menlo Park, CA

The Fountain; Menlo Park, CA

Mobile Patterns; Dublin

The Globe; London

The Globe; Menlo Park, CA

The Spark; Menlo Park, CA

The Spark; Menlo Park, CA

The Spark; Singapore

The Spark; London

What's Your Story?; Dublin

Instagram; Singapore

Facebook To Go; Menlo Park, CA

Facebook To Go; Dublin

Spotlight; Singapore

Spotlight; Menlo Park, CA

Spotlight; Dublin