Headquarter Visualizations

for Capital One

HUSH was tasked to concept and realize a suite of visualizations that told the story of Capital One through its workplace data.

These visualizations target three canvases that greet employees and visitors each day with ever-evolving, generative content.

Most awe-inspiring: A custom-built, conical, 17K x 600 pixel LED "ribbon" and a towering, three-story 4K x 4K LED wall.

For varying reasons, this project had to be realized in Javascript/ES6. This introduced a number of technical and rendering challenges, all of which were overcome.

Most notably, no current browser (2017) was capable of hitting our target resolutions at the frame-rates we needed. To solve this, we forked and modified Chromium, removing critical performance and rendering bottlenecks. The modified Chromium DLL's were then integrated into a purpose-built browser using the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) toolkit.

Designed and engineered at HUSH. Built using ThreeJS, Chromium and CEF. Deployed at Capital One's headquarters in McLean, VA.


McLean, VA

Studio: HUSH (design + software); Diversified (hardware)

Client: Capital One

Role: Technical Director; Chromium+CEF Engineering.